Gold And Silver Refinery Machine

Refinery means to remove the undesired particles and recover the pure form.Mostly refinery is appliacble in all industry.

While gold is considered a precious metal by nearly all of the cultures on this planet, it is not always (if ever) found in its pure state. Because gold runs in veins found in ores or are otherwise mixed with other minerals and impurities as it is housed in the depths of the earth, gold has to first be refined in order for any impurities to be burnt off or skimmed off, leaving nothing but nearly 100% pure gold. The process of purifying gold to attain its pure state is known as gold refining

In case of  gold / silver refinery a refinery receives impure gold and then removes the impurities so it can be alloyed or sold.
Concerns about environmentally h
igh heat, pressure and chemicals are used to remove impurities from the gold. A  gold refinery receives the raw material (rock, gold nuggets, scrap gold etc) and re-liquefies the metal in a hot furnace, then adds various chemicals to the molten substance to separate the gold from the other metals.

The equipment is designed to work on 230 volts single phase AC electric power.
1)    Refines Carat gold scrap, filling, polishing, workshop sweeping dust etc
2)    Refines all your gold in your premise
3)    Compact table top requires very less space
4)    Low operational cost
5)    Virtually 100% recovery. purity 999 can be achieved
6)    Hazardous fumes and odours neutralized through gas treatment system
7)    Suitable for both gold and silver refining.