Laser Soldering

1)      Small heat influence area , low distortion , beautiful welding gap
2)      Laser welding with small spot , high precision is easy to implement automatic control beneficial to the mass production .
3)      The quality of laser welding beam is high . It is easy to achieve high precision gas tight seal welding .
4)      Laser welding is non contact processing , no pollution not affect the work piece performance .
5)      Laser welding is melting to the materials without the solder and the need not to obligate the space for the sealing structure material which is helpful to reduce the weight of work pieces.
Power Devices
     Input Power : AC 220V +20 V ( connect to the ground suggested )
     Rated power  :    50 Hz
     Power supply continuous  working hours   - 16 H 
     Focus lens focal length: f =80 mm
     Focus spot diameter:   0.3 ~0.5 mm
     Operating temperature – below 25 degree